UP index námořní přepravy LNG

16. června 2020 jsme spustili nový UP World LNG Shipping Index, který najdete na webu


Tento nový index je určen pro profesionální použití, při tvorbě a správě vycházíme z předpisů IOSCO a nařízení EU o benchmarcích.

Provoz první generace indexu je ukončen k 17. červenci 2020.


Full Names UP World LNG Shipping Index
Index Types Price Return: UP World LNG Shipping Index (UPLI)
Gross Total Return: UP World LNG Shipping Total Return Index (UPLI TR)
Index Description UP World LNG Shipping Index is a rules-based stock index family designed to measure the performance of world publicly traded companies involved in maritime transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Eligible Stocks All component stocks and units are listed and publicly traded companies on respected world stock exchanges (USA, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Malaysia, Norway etc). List of companies is published on the UP Indices website.
Number of Constituents Variable, starting with top 17 world stocks and units.
Weighting 1. Free float market capitalization weighted
2. LNG shipping weighted to minimize influence  of other company´s business
3. Weight reduction: one constituent has max. 20 % of weight
Base Currency US Dollar.
All other currencies will be converted to USD before index calculation.
Review of Composition The Index is rebalanced quarterly based on closing prices on the last business day prior to the first business day in January, April, July, and October.
Effective Date of the Rebalance Rebalances are effective starting on the first market open business day in January, April, July and October
Calculation Frequency Phase 1: Weekly
Phase 2: Daily
Phase 3: Real-time
Sponsor and Administrator  UP forum s.r.o., Czech Republic, EU