The Segment of maritime transport LNG Nevybočil from celotržního trend and both indexes attributed a loss of 36.96 points (UP Total Return index) respectively. 44.47 points (UP price index). English comment is be available on seeking Alpha.

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Not even 49. The week did not yield a confirmation of previous growth, which retroactively justifiesed the decline in volume in the growth week. The sentiment of stock markets is mainly to blame, but even so, there has been no growing between the seven stock-index shares. The relatively mildest decline met GLOG with an extraordinary dividend, on the contrary DLNG continues to write psychothriller Who is looking for a golden bottom.  For this title, we will stop in more detail. The uncoordinated plunge below 3.90 brings not only the hope of an interesting January dividend (which sustainability is the primary cause of the downturn), but a significant improvement in other figures: P/B 0.64, forward P/E 9.4. Similar improvements can be seen for others: TGP P/B 0.56 and other around 1.2-1.8. But as we have written in one of the past posts (before the fall of DLNG), most of the shares in this sector are technically for short. After these downturns, however, the use of low prices slowly comes into play. The past week also brought interesting articles that would influence our thinking over potential acquisitions. We have all listed below, but we will remind you of three: the first two were given a separate contribution, namely a significant drop in spot prices and the creation of a new “cool pool” called Cool Company, in which GLNG is engaged. But there may be a more important article that challenges the export of us LNG to Asia, arguing that Europe and South America will be the target destination. This would also align the current US-Chinese business play. LNG highlights of the past week:

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The current values of UP indexes to 10. December 2018.

[Table ID = 3/]   Comparison of development UP Total Return Shipping index LNG with the popular ETF SPY. [Visualizer id = “4227”]