The end of the year brought growth of UP LNG shipping indices by 26.75 Point. Today we begin by looking at graphs comparing UP Total Return index and ETF SPY.

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The charts show what we’ve been talking about for several weeks-the index shares are under pressure from the overall market situation. And so when the downturns became to a certain extent unsustainable and there was a growth adjustment, our stock was added. Volumes of course belowed the previous week, but that the Christmas was decent.

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Growth was at least partially mitigated by the previous damage, but the values from at least the second December week were not achieved. A certain more pronounced correction is found only preferential shares.

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Therefore, if we evaluate the past year, the growth of spot prices, the increase in the transported amount of LNG, the opening of new liquification facilities, or any further advances in the sector are reflected in the prices of shipping companies:

DLNG drop from 12.22 to 3.37
GLOP Drop from 24.9 to 19.80
GLOG drop from 22 to 16.46
GLNG drop from 29.78 to 21.76
GMLP drop from 22.99 to 10.80
HMLP drop from 19.35 to 15.35
TGP drop from 20.50 to 11.02

SPY drop from 273.42 to 249.92

LNG highlights of the past week:

All graphs can be found on a separate page.