Over the past two weeks, LNG's ocean freight indices have lost less than 14 points. Apparently nothing happened. English comment will be available on seeking Alpha. [Table ID = 3/] The news of last week is without doubt a drastic reduction in quarterly DLNG distribution for Q4/18 from 0.25 USD to 0.0625, which occurred Friday night. The issue was addressed in a separate post yesterday. Let's say that the expected fall to 1.5 USD has not occurred, even though stocks lost 27% in huge volumes. Driver growth was HMLP in tow with GLOP, lost on the contrary GLNG. HMLP, this confirmed growth is technically made out of Downtrendu, and its growth can continue. First, let's look at a chart comparing the UP Total Return index with the ETF SPY. [Visualizer id = "4227"] We see on it that stock index dropped while SPY did not. In the complete chart we see another drop in the volume of trades. While the average value is 1852, the third week was only 698. However, the volume is not significantly smaller in any company. [Visualizer id = "3861"] We also attach a chart of preferential shares that slightly increased by the second week. This is obviously due to the fact that the course oscillates around the usual subscription value, which is usually $25. Lower, around 21, we can see not only the DLNG, but also the GLOP. [Visualizer id = "4746"]   LNG highlights of the past week: