Although UP indexes have lost 31 points, optimism persists. English comment will be available on seeking Alpha. [Table ID = 3/] First, let's look at a chart comparing the UP Total Return index with the ETF SPY. [Visualizer id = "4227"] We see on it that stock index dropped while SPY did not. If remember that even a December slump was seen in our shares before, there is a reason for concern. But! The decline of last week is still to be taken as a correction of the previous rapid two-digit growth and that is good. Similarly, the dvouznačný signal gives us the following comparative graph. [Visualizer id = "3861"]  It may be a smaller volume size, fortunately it was the beginning of the year and it may not mean anything. On the other hand, the sentiment of the market with the beginning of the resultant season is added–it seems that the December slumps are truly investors forgotten and go on! Volumes were below average mainly for GLOP and HMLP, on the contrary, above average in GMLP-another picture of insider sales is associated with this title: We also attach a chart of preferential shares that act in concert with the Equity UP index. [Visualizer id = "4746"] The development also recorded spot prices for ships, which finally left their ridiculous amount and at least for the Pacific fell to about 70 thousand USD/day. Although this may not seem, it is good news for the stability and growth of the LNG segment. The full version of the article can be found in the first place among LNG attractions. Equally interesting is the second and third report, which relate to the Fortune Project: the company Ophir forfeited the licence for Project Fortune, which is to be attended by the ship Golar Gandria company Golar LNG converted into FLNG.   LNG highlights of the past week:

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