UP indices after the first regular rebalance grew by 79 points, the preferential stock index wrote down 6 points. English comment will be available on seeking Alpha. [Table ID = 3/] The Change in the balances of individual shares in UP indices is based on a change in market capitalization. Compared to the start of the index at the end of September 2018, there was a dramatic development especially with Dynagas LNG LP (DLNG) and the size of its representation no longer corresponded to the current state. The Predominating indices will take place every 3 months, always at the end of the quarter. [Table ID = 6/] The Index on this first adjustment of weights responded with a lighter growth, compared to the original scales the current value of UP TR of index 58.58 and Price UP index-160.68 point. [Visualizer id = "5139"] Virtually all shares Grew in addition to the Dynagas LNG LP (DLNG), for which a short-term ban was abolished. However, this stock did not close at the lowest price, which was 2.18 USD. On the Contrary, the most growing was the Höegh LNG LP (HMLP), which earned a profit of over 3%. [Visualizer id = "3861"] The Sub-Average, and significantly, was the volume, with most of the titles almost half as normal. This Includes GasLog LNG LP (GLOP), Gaslog (GLOG), Golar LNG LP (GMLP) and Höegh LNG LP (HMLP). Especially for strong-growing titles, the decrease in volume means some price shootings and growth fatigue. The New index scales well documented comparison with the ETF's SPY, the Preferential index has so far avoided the rebalance, price differences are not such as to require such a regular adjustment. Due to the growth of stock indices, small corrections of the preferential index are not surprising. [Visualizer id = "4746"]   LNG attractions of the past week: Approved growth capacity of the Magnolia LNG project. GasLog concluded long-term contracts for his new ship. The FSRU Höeghu returned to the service after repairs.