UP indexes have a growth week. Up Total Return Index has attributed 43 points and up preferential stock index even points 63. The volumes were also interesting. English comment will be available on seeking Alpha. [Table ID = 3/] The growth of indices was contributed by all shares except DLNG, which also had a decisive day of its reduced dividend. He GLOP the most, at least TGP. GasLog LNG Partners reported results for Q4 as well as growth distribution of 0.02 to 0.55 USD. The company acquired new long-term contract tankers (but two with steam turbine engines), yet the number of kontraktovaných days with a two-year view compared to 2017 and 2018 did not grow and remained at 72%. In the long term, however, it is a very promising company with a plan for delivery of new XDF tankers with long-term US contracts (Cheniere). Golar LNG Partners also reported the distribution in the expected amount. [Visualizer id = "4134"] On the common chart, it is seen that we are approaching the formation higher high price and thus the beginning of the up trend. Let's see if this expectation will fill up in the next week. Given the positive reports and state of the LNG sector, this should be the situation. An increased volume of business is certainly worth the attention. Let's give-finally. In fact, growth did not have a volume of support and had to do with it from the end of the year. As we wrote, the positive was the decrease in volume during the reaction downturns. Record holder volume was understandably DLNG with a higher 6x volume, followed by GLOP with twice and above average was also in HMLP. On the other hand, the below average was only TGP. The same direction of development had both UP Total Return index and ETF SPY. [Visualizer id = "4227"] Significant growth met shares of preferential shares, some of them were also above the value of 25 USD. Growth is more pronounced than in the current shares připišme greater certainty of yield for these preferential shares. [Visualizer id = "4746"] Overall, the last week in the maritime transport sector was LNG successful. LNG highlights of the past week: