Titles included in UP-indexes lost, especially those that nevyplácely dividends in the past two weeks. English comment will be available on seeking Alpha. [Table ID = 3/] Since the harvest of dividends was plentiful, there are only two titles: GLOG and GLNG. The DLNG, GLOP and GMLP may be added according to the size of the drop of the trio, while HMLP and TGP lost less than the dividend. The dividend, of course, eased losses, and thanks to this, the UP Total Return index could remain in the plus compared to the last week. The pricey brother failed to do so, and the industry was thus in real–two points. [Visualizer id = "3861"] The positive is that the same direction went even the overall market, as we see the following chart comparing the UP TR index and ETF SPY. Although the previous text might seem that all shares (except DLNG) are heading in the same direction, from a technical point of view the situation is different. On weekly graphs using the classic 1-2-3 method, we see that some companies already form higher high (GLOP, TGP, possibly HMLP), some of which may have poised (GMLP), while others are still attracted to support (GLNG) and others form higher low (GLOG). However, none of the shares is purely technically from a weekly point of view suitable for purchase. The current results season can give a number of growth momentum. An important message is the announced connection of the Samsung shipyards (DSME) and Hyundai (HHI). Both companies are very important shipyards for the construction of LNG tankers. More in the link in the attractions. [Visualizer id = "4227"] The trading volumes from last week are smaller than the previous ones, but the above mentioned sixfold can mainly be the increase in volume after the dividend reduction at DLNG. Overall, the second highest since the beginning of the year. [Visualizer id = "4746"] Preferential shares continued to grow and the index attributed 28 points. All but the DLNG are heading to the 25-boundary, some of them surpassing it.   LNG highlights of the past week:

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